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Dating wardrobe

Looks good with slim chinos or a pair of leggings - superb for that polished-casual look.Did you know that simple things like a mistake in your spelling can make or break your chances of finding love online?Miss this ingredient out at your peril, but don’t get too fixated on being funny.Halfway through my meeting with a "love consultant" in Beijing, I realized that if I were single in China, I'd have little chance of landing a "Class A" man. Worse, I'm college-educated and have a professional career.This could be as basic as a great fitting black skirt or black pant (so there isn’t drama when they are at the dry cleaners). However, there’s nothing worse than looking at a Linked In profile and seeing someone else’s shoulder abutment because you couldn’t quite crop them out. Your teeth should be relatively white (can you spell Crest White Strips). A professional headshot is a must, whether you are a professional or a wanna-be. She is an image consultant, personal stylist, speaker and author of the sassy style guide Confidence Is Always In Style.

Think of your online profile as a great outfit; it must be smart, well put together, fitting and fuss free – it mustn’t look like you’ve tried too hard, or that you haven’t tried enough.

It must complement your best assets and show the person you are today.

Lastly, it must be true to your personality and give a hint of the person underneath.

Luckily, there are certain items of menswear that you can rely on to help you look your best around the clock with minimal effort: time savers that aren't corner cutters.

We asked the experts to run us through these wardrobe must-haves.

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Where there's wind and a risqué dress, the danger of a wardrobe malfunction is there, lurking.

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