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Irish dating customs

We love to explore and delve into the unknown, but at the end of the day if we can't throw on the kettle then we're all out of sorts. You can be multi cultured and proud of our own at the same time, which is exactly how we see the world having grown up on our wonderful Irish soil, grand for growing potatoes and the like.

One must finish one's day off with a cup of Barrys finest, and perhaps a digestive biscuit or two to dunk while discussing the tales of the day. An insular island with a culture dating back thousands of years, after 800 years of oppression by our neighbours and you'll have that - a sheer sense of pride and comfort in our own customs that we associate life wherever we go with these clockwork behaviours. We tend to be proudly patriotic of our country, and jump at the opportunity to celebrate what ever the occasion.

Why these Irish customs have caught on around the world, I couldn't tell you, but I'm always proud to see a shamrock on the wall, or the green white and gold colours decorated behind a bar on my travels.

Here are a few things you can't find anywhere else, things you find everywhere else, and things every Irish expat gets sent on a regular basis, thanks to all the Irish mammies out there. You crawl out of bed struggling after the night before, and head for mass to confess your sins if you can remember them.

A politician named Hidayat Nurwahid was introduced through a mutual friend to a divorcee, Diana Abbas Thalid, with the hope that the two would make a good match.

They met exactly three more times over the next three weeks before announcing their engagement.

While the overwhelming majority of Irish people consider themselves to be ethnically Irish, some Irish nationals see themselves as Irish of British descent, a group sometimes referred to as the "Anglo-Irish" or "West Britons." Another important cultural minority are Irish "Travellers," who have historically been an itinerant ethnic group known for their roles in the informal economy as artisans, traders, and entertainers.It's usually not about the individuals, though, and love, if it happens, is usually expected to grow after the two have been married.One example of this is in some Moslem communities in Indonesia. The Republic of Ireland (Poblacht na hÉireann in Irish, although commonly referred to as Éire, or Ireland) occupies five-sixths of the island of Ireland, the second largest island of the British Isles.Irish is the common term of reference for the country's citizens, its national culture, and its national language.

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We have our ways, and are as happy as a pig in s**t when we get them.

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