Java validating standard input

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Each line of the file contains either a regular expression or starts with "#" to indicate the line is a comment.

Any error message or warning message that matches a regular expression in the file is filtered out (dropped/suppressed).

java -jar ~/[--errors-only] [--exit-zero-always] [--asciiquotes] [--no-stream] [--format gnu|xml|json|text] [--filterfile FILENAME] [--filterpattern PATTERN] [--html] [--skip-non-html] [--no-langdetect] [--help] [--verbose] [--version] FILES Specifies that only error-level messages and non-document-error messages are reported (so that warnings and info messages are not reported).

default: [unset; all message reported, including warnings & info messages] Specifies a filename.

If you're not already familiar with modular inputs, see the following topics to get started: The Splunk SDK for Java enables you to use Java to create new modular inputs for Splunk Enterprise.

Its source code is available, as are instructions on how to build, test, and run the code.

This can for instance be done using ) will be ignored.

This can be used for debugging your program during development (i.e., you do not have to remove debug output before submitting if you use standard error for debug output).

Previously, with Selenium RC, Selenium would operate with the browser by injecting Java Script to interact with elements.

With the adoption of Web Driver, browser manufacturers like Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft release their browser with the ability to be controlled by a hook, that Selenium can tap into.

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REQUIREMENTS - Jars for SLF4J and JQTI (see README file in the lib subdirectory) - Java and a Java compiler (tested on Sun Java 1.6.0) COMPILATION On a unix-like environment it should be possible to just run the provided script, which just sources the script (which sets up the class path to include all jar files in the lib subdirectory) and then invokes the Java compiler.

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