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Its app reached 1.8m downloads in 2014, and the company currently sees more than one million new products added for sale each month.

Fees: The app is free to download, and listing an item is also free, but Depop will apply a 10pc fee on the total price of each sale.

Etsy, founded in 2005, is hot on the heels of e Bay with more than 1.4m sellers and 19.8m active buyers.

Here’s how to get around those pesky fees and get the most out of your next low-cost airline flight. If you pay at the airport, or even worse, at the gate, you’ll get soaked big time.Several manufacturers make “fits under the seat” bags or wheeled models.Or just wear all your clothes on the plane in layers (kidding, sort of, but people have done this).These adverts portray false and unobtainable results to the consumer and give a false impression of the product's true capabilities.If retouching is not discovered or fixed a company can be at a competitive advantage with consumers purchasing their seemingly more effective product, thus leaving competitors at a loss.

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This practice was prevalent in the United States in the recent past.

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