Oracle update statement not updating

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The Oracle precompilers and SQL*Module also support FIPS flagging of embedded and module language SQL.When flagging is on and non-standard SQL is encountered, the following message is returned: .

create indexes on tabb; Don DECLARE CURSOR a_cur IS SELECT b.*, a.new_id AS a_new_id FROM tabb b, (SELECT old_id, new_id, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY old_id) AS rw FROM taba) a WHERE b.old_id = a.old_id AND rw = 1; TYPE tb_array IS TABLE OF a_cur%ROWTYPE INDEX BY PLS_INTEGER; tb tb_array; BEGIN OPEN a_cur; LOOP FETCH a_cur BULK COLLECT INTO tb LIMIT 10000; FORALL ndx IN 1.

You can find the original table definitions in the "$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlsampl.sql" script.

All Data Manipulation Language (DML) changes are done as part of a transaction.

Experts, How to optimize this update statement oracle 11g ? Your rollback (or undo) segments are large enough to hold the entire contents of tabb. There are no other processes doing any updating or deleting of rows from tabb 4.

It took 9 hrs still didnt complete the task update tabb b set new_id = (select new_id from taba a where a.old_id = b.old_id and rownum = 1) where exists (select 1 from taba a where a.old_id = b.old_id) tab b has 56,329,975 records tb a has 699075 records . Please help You should try to update the inline view-join between a and b with? You don't mind waiting (possibly a long time) for this transaction to either complete successfully or fail completely. If it doesn't, I would suggest a different approach: start with a cursor loop from the smaller table, then update the matching rows in tabb for each row selected from taba.

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