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The article in question was titled Park Hye Jin ♥ Park Shin Hye: May Their Love Last A Long Time.” It was posted on Tuesday, January 12, and also featured a photo allegedly showing the two Hallyu stars in the Seoul Forest together.

WM Entertainment released a statement on Thursday, January 14, pertaining to the rumors spreading like wildfire, as reported by “We plan to sue the news outlet in question today or tomorrow.

Korean netizens are at it again and this time, they think that actor Park Hae Jin and actress Park Shin Hye are an item apparently basing it on evidence from their respective Cyworld entries that links them together indirectly.

One Korean netizen posted on a forum yesterday, recent photos from Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld and a recent diary entry from Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, sharing with the world the possibility that they might be dating.

He does not only have a perfect physique, but he also is a very very very excellent actor. he's best suited for darker dramas or family oriented ones. I hope hae jin will become very successful through the world wide. And i like him a lot may be because our birthday on same month. I wish to cut a cake with him on our birthday at am between 1st and 2nd may..

I fell in love with him in his drama Cheese in the Trap with Kim Go Eun and Seven first kisses.. :) Man to man, Cheese in the Trap, Bad Guys, Hot Blood, My Love From the Star, Doctor Stranger etc.. But please choose a better leading actress for that drama like Park Shin Hye, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na or Kang Sora. Oppa keep it up with your work but also take good care of your health. Man X Man.kind of facial expression you have is so is gathered/gaining attention to the viewers .. I don't really like the female character, but anyway I will support you and this film! And,, Happy Birthday, luv yaa Please do not fall in love whit that manager girl in MAN TO MAN! If you do that the whole great role of you will stuck in s--t. K is like Korean Sherlock Holmes Dude, after seeing you in Bad Guys, I thought you shld play psycho roles more hahaha! I've taken a break from watching Kdramas 'coz none are peaking my interest but so glad to see several ones that are my style coming out ie lots of action. There was time he nearly disappeared in Korea's screen, but he did succeed in gaining fame in China, and was the main lead in most of his dramas there. I will say, I love that he won't just pick up any drama, but chooses them wisely.

Although the article has been taken down and we’ve been in contact with them, we will make sure that they’re penalized.”Park Shin Hye, known for her roles in “Heirs” and “Pinocchio,” will also have her agency press charges against the news outlet spreading rumors she is dating Park Hae Jin (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images).“She [Park Shin Hye] was just a friend, like a younger sister.In the 24th May diary entry on Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, it wrote Although there weren’t any photos of them being pictured together, several photos that were taken at Seoul Forest on 25th May were posted on Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld.The venue and dates were totally identical and thus raising the suspicion of whether they were dating at Seoul Forest on that day. He is best known for his supporting roles in dramas My Love from the Star (2013) and Doctor Stranger (2014), and his leading roles in Bad Guys (2014), Cheese in the Trap (2016) and Man to Man (2017).He then starred in two highly successful TV projects - KBS daily drama Like Land and Sky with Han Hyo-joo and MBC anniversary drama East of Eden.

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Park Shin Hye’s Cloudfish management denied the scandal, “According to what we know, Park Shin Hye and Park Hae Jin are members of a fitness club near Seoul Forest.

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