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You will also see everything from Go-go Dancers to a spanking booth, and more. You will find multiple full bars at the show, as well as Dago Joe’s food truck, which you can find at Eastern Market on Saturdays.The Sexy Librarian's Erotica Blog-Cast, sister podcast to Rose Caraway's "The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica podcast", is a multi-topic, fun, casual discussion primarily centering around writing and producing erotica.Those caveats aside, I was genuinely curious how each of these two strains would affect me, so I decided to do this experiment. I prepared my supplies: a pipe, a grinder for each strain, my favorite erotica pulled up on my phone, a bottle of Sliquid Sassy, a water-based lubricant, and my brand new toy, the Womanizer Plus Size.Despite the unfortunate name, this toy is pretty fantastic and quite innovative. When inhaled, the fruity flavor becomes slightly less pronounced, but it still leaves you feeling a bit like you just puffed on hickory smoked grape juice.Unruffled wouldnt be the word for him since there is nothing on him that could get ruffled. Entirely streamlined: dark hair shorn close to the skull, placid un-sunned skin lacking identifying marks, expensive clothing in neutral colors and crisp lines, the intentionally indifferent mode of dress that only men of innate style can carry off.A gaze so direct that if he dozes off, his pupils are in the same place when he wakes up later, focused with the same intensity, no split second of messy grogginess. He always smokes a single cigarette afterwards, taking his time in such an un-self-conscious way that he has to be European. Statistically, there arent enough Germans here to make it worth my time to look for one. The question: how do they impact orgasm, positively or negatively, and are there differences between the two? One reputed to be heavy, relaxing, and body-sensitizing, the other rumored to be creative, buzzy, and heady.

"It helps pay for grocery money," she explains, with her straight-talking, low-registered, American accent.BURLESQUE Dirty Show boasts a tantalizing burlesque show, featuring some of the highest-rated performers, from across the country.Any burlesque and striptease devotee will be delighted by these performances, which have become a highlight of the show. MORE ART If you are tempted by the art on display in our gallery, be sure to check out the dirty print store.I planned to do my experiment with two hours of rest in between so that each strain would have a chance to work without impacting the effects of the other. The effects have a quick onset and the sensation reminds me of having a warm blanket wrapped around my whole body, relaxing it one muscle group at a time.My perception was decidedly heightened and I ran my fingers gently over my arms and chest and noticed that it felt significantly better than it does normally.

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