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Speaking Mandarin with a “Guangdong” accent, the man claimed to be a “Big Circle” gangster and demanded that Mr.An Oshawa man, who thought he had met a friendly stranger online turned out to be the target of a extortion plot.Established in 1993 as “Raku” (then changing to “Guu” in 2000), this Guu location offers the most authentic izakaya experience, offering classic dishes like Yaki Udon & Oden. Like many others in my generation (born sometime between 19), I came of age in the early days of the Internet. Intellectual conversation, she claimed, is more intimate and stimulating anyway.

There are so many explanations for our sexless lives: growing up in the wake of the AIDS/HIV epidemic, the rise in other sexually transmitted diseases and infections, the popularity of abstinence-only sex education.

We’re also asking questions to get a better sense of your personality.

We believe the consultation is very important so we find you a counselor who is the ‘right fit’.

Sex Therapists and counselors at KMA help you explore the root of the issue.

Our therapists also develop treatment plans which empower you to take control: Developing tools and resources to change your current environments, change automatic negative thought patterns and negative self-talk, and promote psychologically healthier patterns of living.

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The results were enough to send the media into a frenzy.

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