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Walker liquidating

John has significant experience in crossborder litigation matters having worked on a number of multi-jurisdictional disputes.Prior to his move to London to launch the London IDR team, John also worked in the firm's Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands offices.Founders should push back on the foregoing provisions and should indeed be able to knock most (if not all) of them out if they have strong negotiating leverage.There are two other issues founders should focus on.Demott lost his job as a senior sales representative, said he was blackballed from the pharmaceutical industry and spiraled into depression after confronting his boss about Pfizer's prescription drug promotions.Milan Georgeff says he faced a backlash, too, after refusing to work on engineering blueprints that he believed were stolen from Cleveland's Eaton Corp.

John specialises in contentious and non-contentious insolvency work and international disputes.

Glenn Demott says he wouldn't hesitate to blow the whistle again on corporate wrongdoing, even though he paid a high price the first time he did.

The largest health care fraud settlement and largest criminal fine ever levied in the United States came about because the Columbus-area man and five others blew the whistle on off-label marketing of drugs at Pfizer Inc.

Todd Howley was an ambitious inventor with a billion-dollar idea to turn algae into fuel.

When his scheme began to unravel, he snapped—and his main investor was found bludgeoned to death in the Muskoka River By Michael Lista | Photograph by Daniel Neuhaus | Todd Howley was an ambitious inventor with a billion-dollar idea to turn algae into fuel.

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The three men believed they were doing the right thing when they spoke up.