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If it's a longstanding tradition for your school's senior class to play a prank, that means it was even going on back when your grandfather's class let hundreds of crickets loose in the halls.Humans keeping cats as pets is a longstanding custom, and the habit of cooking food before eating it is also longstanding.

As such, we’ve selected lyrics from seven songs – a song for each decade ­– for you to identify (answers at the bottom).

Besides the fact that they were playing a general admission club as they did back then, they were playing some of the songs from the era as well (“Private Ale,” “409 in your Coffeemaker,” “One of My Lies,” “Christie Road”).

Billie Joe Armstrong still patrols the stage with a real sense of joy and fun, still seemingly surprised that he gets to do this for a living.

This is music to grow your hair to while you dream away.

Lawrence Zubia has a wide repertoire of familiar and original rock songs, dating to his days with the Pistoleros.

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In 2004, Green Day garnered some excitement for their then-new album by doing a few club dates, including one at New York’s Irving Plaza the day after the release of the album.

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